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Matt DiBenedetto's bet pays off with Leavine Family Racing ride

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — When Matt DiBenedetto decided about a month ago that he definitely would leave Go Fas Racing, he didn’t know if Leavine Family Racing was a real possibility. All he knew is that the door was cracked open. He was on the organization’s list of potential drivers. He wasn’t necessarily at the top, but he is now. LFR announced Wednesday that it had inked a two-year deal with the 27-year-old DiBenedetto to replace the retiring Kasey Kahne starting with the 2019 Daytona 500. “I believe in my heart everything happens for a reason,” DiBenedetto said. “Everything has happened for a reason to get me where I’m at today. Our paths were meant to cross to be together, and that’s what’s meant to be. “I’m excited it did work out that way. I’m excited and relieved. When I bet on myself and took a step back, I genuinely had absolutely nothing. It was a full bet on myself. I’m so relieved I am the guy that came out on top.” …